PEP Talks: People Empowering People

Suzy Remer: Vacuum in Squares

June 22, 2020 Kasey Kellem and Greta Fechter Season 1 Episode 17
PEP Talks: People Empowering People
Suzy Remer: Vacuum in Squares
Show Notes

Suzy is an outgoing, active, and successful mother of two adult boys who recently wrote the book, “Vacuum in Squares,” a memoir of how her twin sister and she survived living with an abusive father. Her bond with her identical twin is what she feels helped her get through the day to day struggles of living with such a difficult father. Working out, her sense of humor, close friends, and following her dreams also helped Suzy to be resilient during the turbulent times. Suzy also shares her stance on abusive marriages and breaking the cycle.  

We learned from Suzy:

*When life serves you up an awful sandwich, eat it with dignity!

*If you are in an abusive relationship and can find a way out, get out!

*Deal with what is put in front of you and believe there will be a silver lining in your experiences.

*Don’t be embarrassed by your story. It made you the wonderful person you are today!

*Your parent’s behaviors don’t define you!

*Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder project onto others their own insecurities and wrongdoings. You cannot fix or change their behavior. 

*Have your coping mechanisms and your support person/people to help you get through difficult relationships. 


You can find Suzy Remer on Facebook at “Vacuum in Squares,” and her blog,

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