PEP Talks: People Empowering People

Munira Premji: Choosing Hope

August 17, 2020 Kasey Kellem and Greta Fechter Season 1 Episode 25
PEP Talks: People Empowering People
Munira Premji: Choosing Hope
Show Notes

Munira is the author of Choosing Hope: One Woman. Three Cancers. the story of how she battled three advanced cancers: Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Stage 3 multiple myeloma, and Stage 3 breast cancer, within a period of five years. Munira shares her inspirational story about resilience, courage, and hope in the face of overwhelming odds. Munira tells her experiences at home, in the community, and in hospitals, revealing with utter honesty and catching humor her moments of darkness and light, of intense pain and blissful but precarious relief.

Choosing Hope captures the psychological, physical, and emotional trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is easy to read and anecdotal in style and will have special appeal to recently diagnosed cancer patients, survivors, and their families, to caregivers, and to many others facing health challenges.


We learned from Munira:

*Life has to be lived

*Cancer can be seen as a gift in a strange way, a gift that keeps on giving. This includes community, friendship, love, gratitude, and learning what is important to you and realizing the fragility of life. 

*Be obsessively grateful for all your blessings

*Not until you are at death’s door do you value life fully

*God does not put you through what he can’t pull you through

*Embrace life’s sadness, ecstasy, and learning



Podcast: Choosing Hope: Ordinary People doing extraordinary things

Book: Choosing Hope: One Woman, Three Cancers

Gretatude: if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. 

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