PEP Talks: People Empowering People

Dallin Candland: Actions Gave Me a Voice

September 07, 2020 Kasey Kellem and Greta Fechter Season 1 Episode 28
PEP Talks: People Empowering People
Dallin Candland: Actions Gave Me a Voice
Show Notes

Dallin currently is a college student at BYU in Idaho. He is studying business management with an emphasis in marketing. In school, he didn’t make the basketball team but later ended up becoming the basketball manager. This led Dallin to join track where his mindset and physical strength were tested and stretched every day. He met many wonderful people who lifted him through that experience. Slowly but surely his confidence and mental game became stronger and he started to lift others which is what he enjoys doing now. Dallin served a two-year mission trip for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and was able to inspire people there. Now, Dallin does a podcast, is writing a book, and is involved with some other endeavors, all with the intent to lift others and help them be heard and live their dreams. 


We learned from Dallin:

*Small actions of connecting with others can help give you your voice as they give you an opportunity to speak.

*Don’t tell yourself why you can’t, tell yourself why you CAN!

*An acronym for YIELD: Yes, I Envision Love Demonstrated

*Trust God and move forward. Your journey will all make sense when you look back.

*Yield to the prompting of God and go help others

*God prepares us now for what we will experience later

*Like Johnny Appleseed you can plant seeds even if you don’t know what happens to them. 


You can find Dallin on his podcast, “Yield Today” and his new book, “Five habits to Find Your Voice in your Youth.”

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