PEP Talks: People Empowering People

Evan Scharfeld: Cultivate yourself

September 21, 2020 Kasey Kellem and Greta Fechter Season 1 Episode 30
PEP Talks: People Empowering People
Evan Scharfeld: Cultivate yourself
Show Notes

Evan is a yoga certified instructor and the owner of Cultivate Yoga Space in Avon and Cultivate Yoga Non-Profit which offers free yoga classes to underserved communities. He is a single father of two awesome kids. Even is also a scrum master at an international software development company where he serves as a team level “therapist”  helping colleagues continuously improve and work better together. Evan opened his business a few days before COVID closed it down. He chose to use that time as an opportunity to recreate the space to his liking and create outdoor space for yoga, as well.


We learned from Evan:

*No time is ever right. You must start where you are standing.

*Once you manifest things and take little steps towards it, then things start to gravitate towards you. 

*The people who are meant to be with you on your journey will end up with you.

*Don’t victimize yourself: Things don’t happen TO US, they just happen.

*Be in the moment and cultivate what is happening at the time.

*Sit with yourself, listen to your own voice, hear your own truth. Only you know what is right and what is your limit!


Gretatude: Cultivate your thoughts into positive seeds and see your life change for the better.

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